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Our complete design service ensures that your period fabrics and furnishings are produced exactly to your requirements.

The services we offer include:


The company is dedicated to creating authentic period fabrics and furnishing solutions for interiors. Whatever the project size, our emphasis is on working closely with you at every stage of the design and production process. In that way, you can be confident that your expectations will be met.

Drawing on our historical expertise, we are able to recommend the most appropriate period fabrics. This may involve recommending a design from the Renaissance Collection, designing a bespoke fabric, or sourcing textiles from other fabric houses. We pay close attention to patterns, colours and fabric types - ensuring that they are suited to your needs, and true to their era.


With your period fabrics selected, we employ a dedicated team of craftspeople to produce the furnishings using a high level of skill, and with exacting attention to detail.


The company will oversee the entire installation of your period fabrics and furnishings. This ensures that your property is treated with the respect and sensitivity it deserves and that the project is concluded to your complete satisfaction.


We provide a specialist upholstery service, using traditional materials and techniques.


To complete a furnishing scheme, we offer a range of trimmings, bespoke curtain poles and accessories, including a stock range of cushions.

Our cushions are available in fabrics from the Renaissance Collection, rich tapestries, silks or velvets. Please choose from the selection below, or contact us for further information on our made-to-order service.